Sand filtration is used to move particle elements

Sand filtration is used to move particle elements from consumption water and wastewater as well. There is a Sand Filtration media which will filter particles to various sizes (normal size is 40 microns). While the particle size varies from 0, 35 mm to 1.2 mm. So that its size can be filtered when the screening process starts.

Besides this particle filtering process is usually used to:

  • Irrigation water
  • Rainwater
  • Cold water
  • Pool water

Fountains and more Filtration Sand can remove particles smaller than 40 microns will pass through one to three filtering layers. There is also the Sand Filtration media whose performance occurs twice. Then, when the right size will be processed or filtered smoothly. This Sand Filtration System can move existing particles to sizes smaller than 5 microns.

Some of them are the process of arranging pipes that are installed and installed and also closed so that the process can run smoothly. There are also other estimates and measurements that make the screening system smoother. Also balanced by the power from the sun, the media checks water and repeats water rinsing as one of its operations. This filtering system can be implemented as needed. The design characteristics of Sand Filtration include using solar power, available by the water checker and there are options for repeated flushing.

This filtering capacity can start from 5 GPM to 14 MGD. In addition there are also chemical processes and disinfection. This Sand Filtration product also has the following specifications:

  • Has a diameter from 8 to 12 feet.
  • Manually and automatically operated operating systems are available.
  • All settings range from 304 to 316 sets.
  • Vessels made of stainless.
  • ASME-coded products and some that are not coded
  • hydraulic vessels
  • Complete pressure and temperature.
  • Class Types 1 dev 1 & 2.