Desalination water is extremely fundamental for every single living being. It covers almost 70% of earth's surface. Despite the fact that the significant segment of earth is secured by water, there is extreme lack of drinking water in the majority of the nations over the world. Safe drinking water is imperative for all types of life however it doesn't give any calories. Desalination of sea water shows up as an answer for this issue. Propelled desalination technologies that are applied to seawater and saline water end up being powerful choices in an assortment of circumstances. This examination fundamentally centers around forthcoming patterns in present day desalination technologies and stressing the alternatives offered by them. Desalination is where the abundance salts are expelled from sea water or harsh water changing over it into safe consumable or usable water. Desalination techniques are sorted into warm processes and membrane processes. In this section we talk about various warm processes like multistage flash refining, different impact refining, fume pressure dissipation, cogeneration and sun powered water desalination. We likewise examine about different classes of membrane processes like converse assimilation, electro dialysis and membrane refining techniques. This part likewise focuses on favorable circumstances and impediments and prudent boundaries associated with every one of these strategies.

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